Why Curling Your Eyelashes Makes An Impact

Why Curling Your Eyelashes Makes An Impact

Curling your eyelashes can be a highly underrated step in your daily makeup routine. You may not have enough time to hold a lash curler for 30 seconds in the rush to get ready for your day, but it's worth the investment! Here's why...

Why Curling Your Eyelashes Makes an Impact | Alison Jade | Lash Lift and Tint

Why Curling Your Eyelashes Makes an Impact 

Often over-looked, curling your eyelashes will transform your lashes natural look. Not only does it help to open up your eyes, it can make your lashes look longer and a little more defined. 

Top Tips on How to Perfectly Curl Your Eyelashes 

 1. Bare Lashes 

Before you gently attack your lashes with your desired curler, make an effort to ensure you are make-up free. Eye make-up can be a little heavy on the lashes, further weighing them down. So, removing all make-up before you begin curling is absolutely mandatory. 

2. Hold Your Curler Correctly 

It's important to buy the right size and shape eye-curler best suited to the shape of your eye. It should fit comfortably to your eye to ensure you can hold it there long enough to curl the lashes. 

It is important to buy the right shape curler in order to hold all of your lashes in place, without pinching the skin above your lashes. You will need to do this for a good 30 seconds. This will allow your lashes to lock in that curl and activate! When you are curling, place the curler on the base of your lashes and squeeze. 

TIP: A handy tip noted by a number of beauty experts is to hold your wrist up, to help elongate the lash curl. Once you've hit the 30 seconds mark, release all pressure very gently and keep your wrist tipped upwards. This is to ensure you do not interfere with the curl or texture of the lash. 

Apply mascara and you are good to go! 

Don't have time to curl your lashes everyday? Try an Alison Jade Lash Lift.

If you're a little too busy and tend to apply your make-up on the run, you'll fall in love with an Alison Jade Lash Lift and Tint!

The Lash Lift and Tint by Alison Jade available in both Perth and Melbourne salons, is the perfect way to elongate your lashes and give them definition. Ever wondered how those women wake up with ready-to-go looking lashes? 

The Alison Jade Last Lift comes with a complimentary tint and lasts for six to eight weeks!! Application typically takes an hour long. Without the use of any harmful chemicals, a lash lift will leave your lashes looking longer, more defined, separated and ready! Who needs mascara? 

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