Miss Universe 2019 Makeup Tips and Tricks

Miss Universe 2019 Makeup Tips and Tricks

It has been a busy month for the girls at Alison Jade, with the exciting start to the well-anticipated 2019 Miss Universe.

These past few weeks we’ve had expert makeup artist Alannah visit Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, whilst Hannah held the workshop in Perth, to share some valuable makeup tips with the Miss universe contestants.

The contestants were taught how to do subtle smokey hues, accompanied by glowing, fresh and dewy skin. The girls were educated on the importance of accentuating all of their natural features.


For the perfect base, we recommend blending the Retexturecreme Face Primer into your skin. Then, apply the Luminous Foundation from the centre of your face. Remember to always blend outwards towards the hairline too! If you are all about that sun-kissed, summertime glow, Alison Jade recommends using a shade a little warmer than your natural skin tone.
Finish with the Baked Finishing Power in satin glow to enhance the highlight.


We have all heard of contouring, right? But not everyone knows how it works. Use the Alison Jade Contour Palette on the hollows of your cheekbones to help sculpt and add warmth to your complexion.


The signature Eyebrow Palette by Alison Jade is a must have for your cosmetics drawer. Not only does it work wonders for your eyebrows, did you know you can also use it on your eyes as eye-shadow? We recommend using the caramel matte shades on the lid, using a fluffy blending brush. Then use the darker chocolate shades for the lash line, using a small smudge brush. How easy is that?

Never forget to brush up your brows too, using the Duo Brow Brush to uncover their natural shape. Finally, use the Brow Crayon to shape and fill your brows, to perfect your arch. To finish, use the Alison Jade Brow Fixx in clear, to sculpt the shape of your brows.

The Waterproof Gel Lip Liner in naked is a total must-have. Use this stunning and distinctive number, to outline the natural shape of your lips. Once you have done this, use the Xtreme lipstick in dolce to fill in your pout. To finish, we recommend using Glossware Lipgloss in nearly naked over the top of your lipstick, focusing on the centre of the lip to give your lips a natural gloss finish.

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Miss Universe 2019 Makeup Tips and Tricks | Alison Jade Brows

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