Ageless Beauty by Alison 

1)      What makeup tips would you offer someone in their 20’s? What is flattering? What should they steer clear of?

In your 20’s you can get away with almost anything! It's time to experiment and find your personal style. I recommend experimenting with colour and texture for your eyes or lips. Be bold. Makeup can be a great accessory to any event! My #1 tip is take care of your skin in your 20’s,  as this will set you up for the future. I recommend a foundation and primer with a SPF for everyday. 

Try our Retexture Cream or BB Cream.

2)      What would you recommend for someone in their 30’s?

In your 30's skin is in! Glowing, hydrated and plump. I love to use an illuminating cream and lotion to give that lit from within look. Simple and radiant skin. Apply a little highlighter cream to cheekbones, the inner corner of the eye and brow bone - this will help to "lift and brighten."

You'll also want to start using concealer if you don't already. It's best applied lightly with a brush. Use it under your eyes, as well as on dark spots and blemishes.

Try our Dual Action Concealer or Illuminating Creme in Fantasy.

3)      What would you recommend for someone in their 40’s?

After the age of 40, skin becomes thinner and dehydrated, making your complexion appear duller. The right foundation can add back colour and luminosity. Choose a lightweight and hydrating foundation that will smooth over the appearance of fine lines. It's time to ditch overly powdery finishes and heavy setting powders -  these are not your friends!

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4)      What would you recommend for someone in their 50’s?

In your 50’s a simple feature statement can be all that is needed. A little pencil liner in chocolate brown to define the eyes or a pop of colour on the lips to brighten up your makeup routine! Using a mid-tone pink lipstick, apply to the lips and then dab a little on the cheeks for a natural blush!

Try our Extreme Lipstick in Posie.

5)     What would you recommend for someone in their 60’s?

In your 60’s focus on defining you features! Brows can really help to shape your features and balance your face. Lightly feather a brow pencil through your brows and set with clear Brow Fixx to keep them in place. Team this with a separating mascara to lightly coat the lashes. 

Try our Brow Crayon and HD Mascara.

What suggestions would you make to disguise acne for someone in their teens/20’s?

Acne or pimples are unfortunately a part of life - covering them doesn’t have to be ordeal! Use a high coverage concealer to remove any redness or discolouration and always set with powder to help avoid shine.

What suggestions would you make to disguise wrinkles?

Hydration is key -  invest in great skin care and priming products to ensure your skin is prepared prior to applying makeup. Avoid layering to much foundation or powder on areas of concern as this can accentuate fine lines. 

Any makeup tips to make someone appear younger?

Anything luminous and cream based! Use illuminating lotions to highlight as well as cream blush - this will make skin appear youthful and more hydrated.

What are the common mistakes people make when applying makeup?

There are no rules when it comes to makeup! It's a form of self expression! Do what makes you feel beautiful!

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