Which Illuminator should you use to highlight your face?

Which Illuminator should you use to highlight your face?

No one can say no to an accented cheek bone courtesy of a strategically placed illuminator. Illuminators are the finishing touch to any makeup look and the key to stop your base looking flat.

Illuminators can be used to get the perfect all over glow in Summer or accent points of the face for a more defined makeup look.

But which illuminator should you go for? Most makeup companies offer an array of textured illuminators such as a lotion, cream or powder. Here’s how to pick the best illuminator for you.

Let’s start with an Illuminating Cream.

If you’re looking for a luminous dewy glow, an illuminating cream is the right place to start. Thanks to its firm but dewy consistency, it is easy to strategically place to make parts of your makeup base POP. They make for a great compliment to your contour.

  1. Add cream illuminator under the brow arch to lift the outer edges of your brows
  2. Use a small amount of cream illuminator on the inner corners of your eye for a more awake look
  3. Apply a small amount of illuminating cream down the centre of your nose and cupids bow for a dewy look
  4. Finally, and most importantly, highlight your cheekbones by gently pressing in the illuminating cream above the cheekbone for a lifted, more sculpted base. To ensure it is blended, grab a large fluffy makeup brush and buff out

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Next up we have the Illuminating Lotion.

An Illuminating Lotion is also great for an all over dewy base with the added benefit of being able to mix it in with your foundation or tinted moisturiser. An illuminating lotion is great for summer to create that ‘wet look’ base. We should mention, if you have particularly oily skin, you might be best to opt for a cream illuminator over a lotion.

  1. Mix a small amount with your foundation or tinted moisturiser if you are wanting to create an all-over skin glow
  2. You can also mix an illuminating lotion with your favourite body moisturiser and apply to your décolletage, arms and legs! It looks amazing on a fresh tan to give your skin a healthy, sun kissed glow.

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Finally, we have the Illuminating Powder.

If you have particularly oily skin, a powder illuminator is the best formula for you. A powder formula can blend into your foundation seamlessly and unlike a lotion, it's far less likely to slip.

Your illuminating powder can be applied in the same areas as the cream, however less is more! Make sure you tap the excess powder off your brush before applying to your face to avoid an unwanted product build up.


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