How to apply brow soap

Your easy guide to applying brow soap!

Soap brows are trending hard. Brows in 2021 should be full and fluffy. That’s why brow lamination has become such a popular service at Alison Jade. But if you aren’t quite ready to try brow lamination, why not give soap brows a go?

Read on for your easy guide to applying brow soap!

Brow soap is exactly what it sounds like. It all started with an unknown makeup artist declaring that soap had gravity defying qualities to help create the ultimate brow lift. It was as simple as rubbing a spoolie with soap and brushing up.


If you want brows like Zendaya or Cara Delevigne, this trend is for you. Just not with your average bar of soap and here’s why. Bar soap can cause skin barrier disruption and irritation when used on the face. This is especially true when used on sensitive skin. It can also leave unattractive residue.

At Alison Jade, we are all about creating makeup products for sensitive skin. Our Brow Soap is made from 100% Organic Certified Oils and contains Coconut oil to hydrate.

You can shop our brow soap here, then follow the super easy instructions below.

How to Apply Brow Soap | Alison Jade Brow Soap

  1. Begin by dampening your spoolie with water or face mist.
  1. Rub the spoolie on the soap to collect enough product for your brows. The amount of product required will depend on the thickness of your brows.
  1. Brush through brows in an upward motion, working your way from the beginning of your brow through to the tail end. If you want a less “bushy” look, use the spoolie to brush the brows slightly horizontally, rather than straight up.
  1. Finally, use your favourite brow pencil, pomade, or powder to fill in any gaps. It’s important to allow your brow soap to dry first, before applying any other makeup.

Loving the brow lift look? Check out our Brow Lamination services available at Alison Jade Perth and Alison Jade Melbourne.

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