What is Strawberry Makeup by Hailey Bieber

What is Strawberry Makeup by Hailey Bieber

It’s the next TikTok beauty trend courtesy of Hailey Bieber and her go-to makeup artist, Mary Philips. Get ready for Summer with Strawberry Makeup, the next IT girl makeup look!

Inspired by the vibrant hues and playful vibes of everyone's favourite summer fruit, this look is all about embracing a fresh, rosy glow. Whether you're heading to a brunch date or a night out, Strawberry Makeup is perfect for any occasion.

What is Strawberry Makeup by Hailey Bieber | Alison Jade Cosmetics

What is Strawberry Makeup?

Strawberry makeup is relatively simple to recreate. Think dewy skin, flushed cheeks, faux freckles, and glossy lips.

The goal is to achieve a dewy complexion that mimics the natural flush of strawberries, with a hint of golden warmth to represent the sun-kissed feel.

How to recreate the Strawberry Makeup Look

Step 1: Prep Your Canvas: Begin with a clean and moisturised face. Apply a hydrating primer to create a smooth base for your makeup.

Step 2: A Luminous Complexion: Use a lightweight, dewy foundation to even out your skin tone. We love our Luminous Foundation. A luminous, lightweight liquid foundation that blends seamlessly to mimic the natural textures of the skin for a healthy, dewy finish. 

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Step 3: Blush it up: Apply a cream blush in soft pink shades to the apples of your cheeks for that authentic strawberry flush. We love our Cheek Palette as it has 2 x shades of blush to help create this look. It features four high pigment blushes, a reflective highlighter and a matte bronzer suitable for warming up your skin or for softly contouring.

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Step 4: Juicy Lips: Embrace the strawberry's signature shade with a bold red or rosy lipstick. Opt for a glossy finish to add an extra touch of plumpness to your lips.

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Step 5: Get Glowing: Apply a golden highlighter to your cheekbones, brow bone, and the tip of your nose. This adds a radiant glow reminiscent of the sun hitting ripe strawberries.

Step 6: Playful Freckles: If you're feeling adventurous, use a brow pencil or a fine eyeliner brush to create cute faux freckles on your cheeks and nose. This adds a playful touch to your strawberry-inspired look.

To help you create your faux freckles, try our Alison Jade Brow Crayon. A retractable, self-sharpening crayon to create realistic texture and hair-like strokes (or faux freckles). The fine tip will provide ultimate precision!

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