TikTok is delivering the latest Brow Hacks in 2022

It’s no surprise TikTok is here with a whole new sleuth of brow hacks in 2022. And some of them are surprisingly good!

Let’s break down video one’s eyebrow hacks. Watch it here.

WHAT NOT TO DO when pencilling in your brows

The first video shows us what not to do with your brows when filling them in and we completely agree.

The first step when filling in your brows is to AVOID outlining them before filling them in. As you can see this makes them harder to blend, making them look a lot less natural.

Step two, DON’T apply concealer around your whole eyebrow. This will make them look blocky. 

Wrong way to fill in brows | Alison Jade

WHAT TO DO when pencilling in your brows

Finally, she gives us the correct way to use brow pencil and brow pomade. Step one is to use your brow pencil to add volume to your brows by drawing soft lines in the direction of your hairs.

Step two, use a brow pomade and brow brush to add product toward the tail of your brow, NOT the front. Finally, further define your brow by adding a tiny bit of concealer toward the tail.

Video courtesy of @slaybyjess on TikTok

Correct way to fill in Brow | Alison Jade

Let’s check out TikTok Brow Hack video number two.

Some people use a zigzag drawing when trying this hack however this new dot technique is much easier to follow.

Begin by using five dots to map out your brows. The first two dots are at the beginning of your brow, the second two are above and below the peak of your brow arch and the fifth is where you would like your brow to end.

After you have created your dots, draw faint lines with your brow pencil to connect them as you see in the images here. 

  • Connect the front lower dot to the dot at the top of your brow arch. 
  • Then connect the dot at the top of the arch to the dot at the end of the tail of your brow.
  • Then connect the top dot at the beginning of your brow to the dot at the top of the arch
  • Finally connect the bottom dot at the front of your brow to the bottom of your arch and continue to the tail dot 

Finally, the key is to fill in the brows at the tail first and brush the product forward to the font of the brow for an ombre faded effect.

You can watch the full video here.

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filling in Brows

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