Kylie Jenner is bleaching her brows in 2023

Just when you thought bleached brows were going to be left in 2022, Kylie Jenner has decided to keep the trend alive.

Kylie recently sported her lightened brows on Instagram in the back of a luxury car. Australian model Georgia Fowler also recently posted a video of her bleached brows on her Instagram. 

Kylie Jenner | Bleached Brows 2023 | Alison Jade

But, before you go racing to the shops to buy a bottle of bleach PLEASE read the following.

  1. We highly recommend seeing a professional as your brows are OBVIOUSLY situated very close to your eyes. Getting any bleach in your eyes can cause blindness. We can’t stress this point enough. The specialists at Alison Jade can consult with you prior to the process, simply book in a Brow Makeover here.

  2. There is a difference between bleaching and lightening your brows and due to the severity of bleaching we recommend the latter. Eyebrow bleaching can cause potential weakening and thinning of your brow hair and completely removes all pigmentation from the hair. Lightening your brows is simply lifting your brows a few shades lighter with a less harsh solution.

  3. A professional can monitor your lightening process to ensure you don’t turn brassy. Remember the bad box dye you tried in high school? We don’t need a repeat of that on your brows.

  4. We highly recommend using a brow conditioning serum, twice daily, after lightening your brows. Put it this way, you wouldn’t get highlights without a conditioner after? Think of brow serum as your Olaplex.

  5. Brow regrowth (just like your roots) can get a little tricky and it isn’t recommended to lighten until your natural brow colour returns. This is to help avoid various shades of lightened hair. To help maintain your lightened look between appointments you can use a tinted brow gel.

If you’re looking for a new brow gel – check out this Alison Jade Tinted Brow Gel online here. It’s available in various shades including Blonde.



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