Give the gift of filtered shower water this Christmas

Filtered shower water is essential for clear skin and voluminous hair. Installing a filtered shower purifier is the best way to help protect your hair and skin from chlorine, metals and minerals.

Think unfiltered shower water isn’t damaging? Read on.

Let’s start with your skin.

Did you know your shower water can contain residues of chlorine and other disinfection by-products (DBPs). These nasties can cause the following:

  1. Skin irritation and dryness
  2. Psoriasis and eczema
  3. Scalp flakiness

Shower filters can effectively help to eliminate hidden nasties from your shower so that you have the purest start to your self-care!

Secondly, the chlorine metals and minerals can drastically affect your hair! 

These elements may interact with your hair care products such as serums and shampoos, as well as your hair colour. They may leave your hair feeling dry and brittle, causing breakage. The hair can become hard to manage with frizz and tangles. As mentioned above, the scalp is also at risk of becoming dry and flaky.

So, what can you do to avoid chlorine and metals in your shower water? Install a Filtered Shower Filter like this one, available online now. 

Filtered Beauty Shower Filters have a multi-stage filtration. Not only do they filter out the nasties, but they also infuse the water with beneficial minerals and Vitamin C.

Together, KDF 55, Calcium Sulfite, Activated Carbon, and High Chlorine Balls ensure MAXIMUM filtration with over 95% chlorine removal as well as reducing heavy metals, chemicals, pesticides, and other contaminants from your water.

The filter is infused with beneficial vitamins and minerals such as Zeolite, Vitamin C, and tourmaline.

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