The viral TikTok Latte Makeup Trend

There’s only one thing we love as much as a creamy latte on a Winter morning, and it’s the viral Latte Makeup Trend. Imagine the dreamy hues of your favourite coffee drink, transformed into a sultry makeup look.

While a sculpted bronze look has been favoured by Hollywood's A-listers like Adriana Lima and Jennifer Lopez for years, it’s having a revival in 2023.

The latte makeup trend, as it’s now known, only took off on TikTok after content creator Rachel Rigler coined the look.

“It’s warm, bronze, milky and effortless,” Rigler described in her now-viral video. In her tutorial, Rigler referenced looks created by Australian makeup artist Tanielle Jai, who described the makeup notes as “summer smokey, kind of ice” thanks to the addition of shimmering frosting onto the high points of the face.

Think of it as a beautiful blend between full glam and a minimal neutral – a softer, more elegant spin on a summer glow.

So, how can you recreate this captivating style? Read on.

Step 1: We would suggest a glowing base, so grab our Illuminating Lotion and mix it with your favourite foundation.

Step 2: Begin sculpting your complexion with warm bronze hues, emphasising your eyes with dreamy coffee-coloured shimmers.

Contour your face with our Contour Palette. This palette contains 6 neutral hue contouring powders to sculpt and define your facial features. Use the shades that compliment your skin tone interchangeably to add dimension and depth to your look. 

PSST. You can also use this palette to add depth to the eyes. Apply it to your crease and use it to contour your lower lash line.

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Step 3: Add more depth to your eyes with our Pressed Pigments Palette. The creamy formula is infused with ultra fine, smooth pearls to catch and reflect the light to accentuate any look on the eye. 

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Step 4: Add a natural glow to the high points of your face. Using our Illuminating Cream, add it to your top most cheek bones, the bridge of your nose, cupids bow and finally on the centre of the eyelids and inner corners of the eye.

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Step 5: Finally, it’s time to brush up those brows. Fill in your brows with your favourite Alison Jade Brow product. Whether it be with fine hair like strokes using our Brow Crayon, or a more defined look with our Brow Pomade. For a powdery brow finish use our Brow Palette.

Hold your perfectly styled brows in place with our Brow Freeze or Brow Fix.

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