How to use our Dual Brow Highlighter

Did you know our Dual Brow Highlighter can be used for more than just defining your brows?

If you haven’t yet used our Dual Brow Highlighter. Let us introduce you. 

Dual Brow Highlighter

It's a double-sided highlighting pencil with a matte concealer side and a shimmery highlighter side.

The concealer end can be used to brighten the entire eye area, while the shimmer end adds an iridescent glow to your perfectly shaped arches. 

It’s a must have to define your brows - but it can also be used on your eyes, and lips.

Starting with your brows.

Once you have applied your brow powder, brow pomade and/or pencil, use the concealer side of the pencil to define the under brow. Draw a fine line under the brow and use a concealer brush to blend it. For a more defined look, follow the same steps to the top of the brow, this time blending upwards.

Use the shimmery side to highlight the part directly underneath the arch of your brow and use a brush to blend it out. The final touch for a perfectly lifted brow look. 

Use the Dual Brow Highlighter on your eyes.

Use the concealer side of the pencil to tidy up your eyeshadow or highlight your waterline. You can also use it to tidy up your eyeliner flick. Use the shimmer side to highlight the inner corners of your eyes.

Define your lips.

Use the concealer side to define your lip line – just don’t forget to blend it out with a brush! Use the shimmery side of the pencil to highlight your cupids bow. This will enhance the appearance of your lips.

Shop the Alison Jade Dual Brow Highlighter online now or at the Alison Jade Perth or Melbourne Studio.


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