The brow trends of 2022

The brow trends of 2022

Want to know the brow trends of 2022? And no, we are not about to tell you they have gone back to being 90’s style thin brows. Full and fluffy is here to stay always. However, the way you style your brows will change with trends.

Check out our favourite new brow trends of 2022 below and how you can achieve them. 

Fluffy Brows | Brow Trends of 2022 | Brooke Hogan | Alison Jade Brows

  1. Au Naturel Brows in 2022

This is kind of like the whole no makeup, makeup look. You still need to keep your brows groomed with a brow style however, au naturel brows are about a less is more approach. With the au naturel brow trend of 2020, your best friend is a brow spoolie and brow gel. Forget to draw in your brows, it’s all about leaving them natural and styling them ever so slightly.

We love the Alison Jade Brow Freeze for this look.

Pin Straight Brows | Brow Trends of 2022 | Alison Jade Brows

  1. Pin Straight Brows in 2022

Creating pin straight brows is the closest you will get to an instant brow lift. The fox eye or brow lift is trending thanks to celebrities like Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner. This brow trend focuses on fuller brows with barely any arch and a subtly lifted tail. We DO NOT recommend shaving off half your brow like some influencers have done to achieve this look. Especially as it is a brow trend! However, you can apply full-coverage concealer to any little fluffy hairs around the tail of your brow for a straightened effect.

We love the Alison Jade Concealer Palette for this look.

Fluffy Brows | Brow Trends of 2022 | Alison Jade Brows

  1. The Full and Fluffy Brow in 2022

This brow look isn’t so much of a trend but a staple you can’t go wrong with. Full and fluffy brows can be created with Brow Lamination. In a nutshell, Brow Lamination looks like you have brushed your brows with a brow gel or wax. It just lasts longer, making your brows maintenance free for 4-6 weeks. A common misconception is that you will look like the grouch for 4 weeks after your appointment. You can brush your brows to be as exaggerated or natural as you would like post lamination.

To book a brow lamination at Alison Jade click here.

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