Stop your makeup from sliding off this summer

Stop your makeup from sliding off this summer!

Wow Summer has arrived and as much as we love the weather, it’s not so easy to stop your makeup from sliding off. Given we are about to step into the busiest time of the year, with the most events, we thought we’d share our top tips for keeping your makeup from sliding off.

Here are our sweat proof makeup tips for Summer

1. The key to sweat proof makeup this Summer is to wear less

We aren’t saying you have to go au natural, but we would like to emphasise the importance of a good skincare routine this summer. Hydrated, glowing skin is key to getting through the Summer months. When you have the ultimate base to work with, a small amount of tinted moisturiser and strategically placed concealer can get you through the hottest of days. If you have particularly oily skin, opt for an oil free tinted moisturiser or foundation.

If you find the right shade of concealer, you can skip the foundation altogether by blending your concealer into the parts of your face that need it.

Start by applying a moisturiser. Let it absorb into the skin. Then choose a concealer that blends with your skin to cover blemishes and lighten under your eyes. Make sure you use a fluffy foundation brush to blend out the concealer so that it seamlessly integrates with your skin. Want a fuller coverage? Pat the concealer into your skin with your brush rather than brushing it. 

Desi Perkins has a great how to blog here.

2. Can’t forgo your foundation? Try a good primer!

The aim of primer is to create a smooth base to apply your makeup, whilst helping it to stay put all day. If you have redness, try a green based primer to help neutralise your base colour. Opting for a long wear foundation can also help.

3. Try a blush stain

If you love to apply blush daily, try a blush stain as it has more longevity than a powder blush. Want to increase its wear? Dust a light, invisible setting powder on top.

4. Finally try a setting spray

Once you have applied your makeup, set it with a setting spray for longevity.

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