Euphoria Makeup Trends 2022

These are the 3 makeup trends we have learnt from Season 2 of Euphoria.

Euphoria season 2 is here and as expected, they have set the bar high for makeup and hair trends in 2022. If Euphoria season 1 is anything to go by, whatever the cast is doing will have a huge influence on the beauty industry. Donni Davy, makeup artist to the cast of Euphoria described the looks she created as either loud and out there or super minimalist.

“She has her full glam moments but then switches to super minimalism. She loves her dewy skin and going foundation free. She experiments with all different takes on winged liner from classic to modern to… something more free-form.” 

Graphic Eyeliner in Euphoria

Season 2 Euphoria Makeup Trends | Alison Jade 3

The graphic eyeliner of Euphoria Season 2 is clearly a “louder” makeup trend. It isn’t for the faint hearted. Maddy’s winged eyeliner is a very exaggerated take of the subtle eyeliner flick.

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Rhinestone eyes are back in Euphoria Season 2

Season 2 Euphoria Makeup Trends | Alison Jade 1

Cassie is the first to sport tiny rhinestones in Euphoria. Her look is all about a natural skin base with flushed cheeks, a peach eye-shadow and tiny winged rhinestones. This is a more subtle makeup trend and emphasises how important a great skincare regime is!

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Bold and Bright eyeshadow in 2022

Season 2 Euphoria Makeup Trends | Alison Jade

Finally, Kat’s character was introduced in Season 2 Euphoria with a bold eyeshadow. Bright eyeshadow is set to trend in 2022 and there’s no colour out of bounds. The key is to pair a bright eyeshadow with a nude or neutral lips.

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