Tik Tok Trend Gym Lips

Gym Lips is the latest trend to hit Tik Tok. You might be thinking here we go, another trend I’ll never try, but gym lips are quite simple to do!

The gym lips hashtag has over 22 million views. So, it’s safe to say this Tik Tok beauty trend has gone viral.

Kim Kardashian Gym Lips 2022 | Alison Jade

But what exactly is it? The term was coined because it is a makeup trend that is so effortless, it can be worn to the gym. The genius behind the trend is NYC-based makeup artist Kelli Anne Sewell. Sewell came up with the look by finding a shade similar to her lips in order for her makeup not to appear too overdone.

It’s the perfect makeup, no makeup look.

How to recreate Gym Lips

To begin, you need to find a lip liner in a shade matches your natural lip colour.  Using this lip liner, overline your lips and shade them in. The goal is to use the lip liner to make your lips appear bigger. It should be unnoticeable as the shade should match your lip colour perfectly.

Following the first step, add a nourishing balm or subtle gloss. The gloss will help to create a “full” effect whilst still appearing quite natural.

The best part about the gym lips Tik Tok trend is that no one product will be sold out – you can use any lip liner brand.

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