Want to know the secret to a great selfie? Try a Matte lipstick.

Want to know the secret to a great selfie? Try a Matte lipstick.

Colour rich matte lipsticks are here to stay. This is because matte lipsticks have so many benefits. Here’s why we are obsessed with a matte lipstick at Alison Jade.

Matte lipstick = BIG bold colour 

With virtually one swipe your lips are completely painted. This is because there is a large ratio of pigment powder loaded into a matte lipstick, compared with a typical lipstick. This makes it so quick and easy to apply!

Matte lipstick doesn’t have to be drying

Back in the day matte lipstick would leave your lips feeling dry. Not ideal! These days matte lipstick formula is super hydrating.

Matte lipstick can create the illusion of bigger lips

Matte lipstick offers the perfect texture for a fuller lip. This is because a matte lipstick allows you to over-line your lips. The highly saturated pigment hides your natural lip line, for full luxurious pillow lips.

Matte lipsticks don’t budge

Another benefit of increased pigment means that the colour stays on your lips, not on everyone else. Making it the perfect choice for date night or Valentine’s Day 2022.

We love our Alison Jade Matte Liquid Lips available in 12 different shades. The long wearing formula glides on smoothly and has a luxurious feel. It is highly pigmented with a velvet like texture to provide a completely matte finish. The formula is waterproof to sit comfortably on the lips all day and night without stickiness or smudging.

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