Brow Palette

Brow Palette

The Alison Jade Eyebrow Palette is an all in one eyebrow contouring product to keep brows looking groomed and gorgeous on the go.

This eyebrow palette comes with four colour eyebrow powders to custom blend the most natural brow color. Forget the harsh lines of an eyebrow pencil that can look too heavy.

The Alison Jade Eyebrow Palette also includes an angled brush for clean and precise application. Furthermore it includes a wax cream to hold a perfect eyebrow shape all day.

Apply the wax cream to your brows before the coloured powder to ensure your eyebrows stay tinted and shaped all day long.

An all in one eyebrow kit that will easily become a must have in your handbag during the day or on a night out! You can also use the shades for a natural look eyeshadow combination.

With over 10 years experience, Alison Jade has eyebrow waxing, tinting and eyebrow tattoo services in Perth and Melbourne. Her eyebrow products are one of the best in the cosmetics industry offering the highest quality eyebrow care.

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  • Wax ensures that fiber-powder adheres
  • Powder made with tiny fibers creates a multi-dimensional texture


  • Using the angled side of the brush, apply wax to areas on the brow where is needed
  • Using an angled brush, apply fiber-powder over wax
  • Can be used as a matte eyeshadow