Why you need retinol in your skincare regime...

The beginners guide to retinol and why you need it in your skincare regime.

You may already be using retinol, or you may be thinking what is retinol? Either way it’s important and we’ve got your covered!

We are so excited to announce that we now have Medik8 available at the Alison Jade salon and online.

Read on to find out why we LOVE Medik8, in particular their retinol products.

What is retinol?

Firstly, retinol is magic in a bottle. Vitamin A, or its most common derivative, retinol, is famed as skincare’s magic ingredient.

Why? Because it encourages collagen production. Cue GASPS…

What does retinol do?

It helps to speed up epidermal turnover, meaning your skin looks more youthful. The vitamin A derivative helps to address many skin concerns from fine lines to acne, sun damage and pigmentation.

But before you go and lather yourself in retinol, there are some important notes to avoid sensitivity.

Which retinol is best for me?

Retinol is available in a variety of options, ranging from sensitive to normal skin types. It’s important to pick the best one for you and be aware that you cannot use it every night.

The right type of retinol depends on your skin type and whether you have used it before. If this is the first time you are hearing about the fabulousness of retinol, you should opt for a lower strength option. Test it on your skin, and if you don’t show any signs of irritation you can look to working towards a high concentration.

If you do notice excessive redness or flaking, it’s too strong for you.

When and how should I start using retinol?

It’s never too early to start a good skincare routine! Especially when it comes to antiaging *ehem* sunscreen.

Your late 20s or early 30s is the moment to embrace retinol. This is because your collagen begins to break down at around age 25 – much like Leonardo DiCaprio’s relationships. A general rule of thumb is to apply your skincare products in the consistency of lightest to heaviest. Retinol is often towards the end of that spectrum and only at night. It’s also advised to avoid using it every night – opt for 2 x a week if you are a beginner and move to 2-3 times a week if your skin is happy. Overuse of retinol can lead to skin sensitivity. 

The Medik8 Retinol is available is a variety of strengths – ranging from 1 to 6. It is a ground-breaking overnight serum which visibly minimises fine lines and wrinkles; firming and plumping the complexion to resurface skin texture and soften the face.

Ask an Alison Jade specialist to find out which Retinol is best for your skin. You will not be disappointed!


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