Should I try an at home brow lamination kit?

We’ve started to see a few “professional” brow products pop up including the an home brow lamination kit. Brow lamination is a service that essentially perms your eyebrows into place. It gives you the look of fuller, fluffier brows that last up to 4-6 weeks.

Whilst there are many great brow products on the market (see our latest blog post here), we don’t advise DIY brow lamination.

Why’s that you ask?

Well, just like hairdressers advise against box dying your hair at home for an array of reasons, we don’t advise laminating your brows at home. Starting with the fact that we see it go wrong, many times.

Many brow professionals are having to fix a DIY lamination…

You may think that lamination is a fairly safe and easy to replicate service, but you can actually fry your brow hairs if you do it incorrectly. Not to mention you are working with chemicals extremely close to your eyes!

You can easily ruin the integrity of your eyebrows. This is because if it is done incorrectly, the solution can create weakness and damage the hair follicle. The result could be brittle brow hairs or even hair loss!

All it takes is 5 minutes of googling Youtube videos to see what can go wrong.

Many report their brows feeling dry and brittle after the DIY lamination process.

If you want the result to be hydrated laminated brows – not fuzzy fried brows – we highly recommend seeing a professional.

At Alison Jade Salons, we apply a specially formulated Brow Botox, to deeply nourish your brows after the Brow Lamination Process. We also offer our clients take home brow conditioner, to use daily on their brows. This ensures your brows stay healthy and full.­

If you are interested in booking our Brow Lamination Services, check them out here.


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