Why we love our Brow Crayon - As featured in The Havenist Magazine

Why we love our Brow Crayon

Our Brow Crayon was recently featured as Sophia Barbagallo’s favourite handbag accessory – there’s a reason it’s a favourite at Alison Jade!

Check out the Havenist Magazine latest edition here.

Our Brow Crayon is perfect for beginners and those, like Soph, who appreciate a fuss-free routine.

Why we love a Brow Pencil

Using a pencil offers control for easy application. Even the lightest flick can create beautiful, natural arches. Plus, our Brow Crayon is self-sharpening, so you can twist it up to access more product – no need for brow sharpeners!

It also has a brow spoolie on one end, to help blend in your feathered strokes if you prefer a softer look. 

Not sure which shade is best for you? Visit Alison Jade in Perth or Melbourne and one of our Brow Specialists. Or check out our colour guide below.

Alison Jade Brow Crayon Colour Guide

Medium Blonde = Light Brown with Neutral Undertones
Soft Brown = Soft Brown with Warm Undertones
Ash Brown = Soft Brown with Ashy Undertones
Dark Brown = Warm Brown
Toffee = Medium Brown with Light Undertones
Chocolate = Dark Brown/Black with Neutral Undertones
Espresso = Darkest Brown/Black with Warm Undertones

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