What is Lifted Concealer?

Are you using Lifted Concealer? If not, you’re doing it wrong. This year we’ve learnt how to use makeup to transform our face. From Siren Eyes to the Kylie Jenner Blush Trend and Gym Lips – Tik Tok has all your beauty tutorials covered.

So, what is Lifted Concealer?

Lifted concealer involves applying your concealer in a series of uplifting lines to quite literally ‘lift’ the appearance of your face.

The parts of your face to focus on include:

  • The outer edge of your eye toward your temple
  • The inner corner of your lower lash line
  • The outer corner of your lips and along the lower part of your cheek bone
  • The edge of your nostrils up towards your cheekbone

Don’t worry, we’ve conveniently added a photo for you to replicate when you try the lifted concealer technique on yourself. 

Photo Courtesy of @ilmakiage

What is Lifted Concealer | How to beauty tutorial | Alison Jade

There’s also A LOT of lifted concealer tutorials on Tik Tok here.

Here’s one we liked by Alicia Breuer.

Once you have applied your concealer in the correct places, the key is to blend by “dabbing” with your beauty blender or makeup blush. You want the product to stay in that placement for the “lifted” effect and moving it around can hinder your results.

If you’re looking for a concealer to try this new makeup hack, we love the Alison Jade Concealer palette.

It comes with a variety of concealer shades so you can play around with your options, depending on the areas of your face and if you have a spray tan or natural skin.

It also comes with darker shades for contouring your cheekbones, jawline, nose and temples.

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