What can cause uneven brows?

Do you have uneven brows? Did you know that most people have an asymmetrical face? There are however some factors that may be contributing to their uneven appearance.

Here are a few factors that can cause uneven brows.

1. Overplucking

There is more than one reason why we are scared of the recent skinny brow trend. The reason overplucking can create uneven brows is because it takes away too much hair, which can create uneven length, shape, and even empty patches. 

How to avoid this? Consult with a brow specialist and simply maintain the shape that they create for you – don’t alter it.

2. Your age

Cool, another fun fact of getting older. Eyebrows are hair attached to skin and muscle. As we age, that muscle will begin to sag. This can create asymmetry as it may happen at different rates. Unfortunately, there’s not a lot you can do about ageing except great skincare and a good diet.

3. Botox

Whilst your injector may work their magic by making your wrinkles and fine lines disappear, they may not be all too concerned about your eyebrow symmetry. When Botox is applied prohibiting movement in this muscle, the brow can actually float a little bit. Next time you book an appointment be sure to check in with your injector.

4. Sleeping on your side

The friction caused by sleeping on one side is actually pretty detrimental. It can make the facial muscle slack a bit on one side. Sleeping on one side can also affect the rate at which your brow hairs shed.

Before you start strapping yourself in at night on your back, a good brow serum can really help. Strong conditioned brows are less prone to falling out. You could also try rotating sides as you sleep.

But not all is lost!

If you want your brows to be as even as possible, book a brow tattoo consult at our Perth or Melbourne Studio.

We will draw and fill in your brows before we begin tattooing, so you can see exactly what your new brows will look like.

Brow tattooing is the perfect semi-permanent technique to fix uneven brows!

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