How to stop your under-eye makeup from creasing

You’ve applied your makeup and it’s flawless but 2 hours into the night your concealer is creasing under the eyes. There’s nothing worse than looking in the mirror at your favourite cocktail spot and seeing caked concealer, settling into lines, and highlighting exactly what we’re looking to minimise.

Surely Hailey Bieber and her flawless skin don’t have to put up with this?!? There are actually a few steps you can take to help prevent your under-eye concealer from creasing – and no, they don’t all involve filler.

Here are some tips to help you prevent and reduce under-eye creasing.

1. Moisturise under your eyes.

Keep the under-eye area well-hydrated by applying a gentle, hydrating eye cream daily. This can help plump the skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and stop your makeup caking.

2. Prep the under eye area with a primer.

Apply a makeup primer specifically designed for the under-eye area before applying makeup. Primers create a smooth surface and help makeup last longer and reduce creasing.

3. Choose the right concealer AND the right amount.

Opt for a lightweight, creamy concealer that is formulated for the under-eye area. Lightweight concealers are more flexible and less likely to settle into creases. Avoid heavy, matte formulas that can settle into fine lines and emphasise creases.

4. Apply under eye concealer correctly.

Use only a small amount of concealer to avoid a heavy build-up that can settle into lines. Dab a tiny amount of concealer onto the area using your ring finger or a small brush, and gently blend it in. Now this is where the magic does or doesn’t happen. It’s all about the application of your concealer. Don’t apply concealer directly onto your lower lash line and apply it in stages. Allow your concealer to settle into your skin while you continue with the rest of your face. Then come back and blend it again to remove any excess product that may have settled into your fine lines.

5. Set with powder.

Always remember that when you set your makeup you are setting it how it looks, so if you can see fine lines before you apply your powder, you will be setting them to stay like that which we don’t want. This is why it’s super important to remove the excess concealer from your fine lines before setting it with powder. We love a triangle makeup puff to apply your powder.

Watch this Youtube video to see the best application method.

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