Valentine's Day Makeup 2024

It’s time to start putting together your Valentine’s Day makeup looks of 2024. Whether you’ve got a spicy date with your lover or cocktails with your besties, these are our fave looks.

  1. Rosy Cheeks

Is your crush making you blush or is that just your stunning makeup? We love a rosy cheek on Valentine’s Day because, when in Rome right?

Our Cheek Palette is the ultimate cheek kit for all skin tones. It features four high-pigment blushes, a reflective highlighter, and a matte bronzer. It’s your one stop shop to create the perfect rosy cheek look.

Available online here.

  1. Mob Wives Aesthetic

So, you’ve got a hot date, and you want to go the extra mile? The mob wives aesthetic is your go-to look. Break out the bronzer and curlers for date night because this look is over the top – and we love it.

Read all about how to get this makeup look on our latest blog here.

  1. Vixen Red Lips

What would a Valentine’s Day makeup look be without a red lip? Go bold this V-Day with a romantic red lip.

Need a colour guide?

Light Skin Tone

Opt for blue-based cool undertones like burgundy or berry. If you are looking for shade on the warmer side, you can try fiery, red-orange hues.

Medium Skin Tone

Try slightly darker shades with blue- or pink-based undertones. If you prefer warmer tones, then go for shades like oxblood or rich undertones of orange or apricot.

Dark Skin Tone 

Try purple, wine, or chocolate brown-red shades.

TIP: Don’t forget to apply a nourishing lip balm early on in your makeup routine, to moisturise your lips before you set out to apply your lipstick.


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