The MOB Wives Aesthetic

Public Service Announcement, the clean girl look is gone and the mob wives aesthetic has taken over. Less in no longer more, more is more.

Think Michelle Pfeffer in Scarface. The mob wives aesthetic incorporates smoky siren eyes, a dark lip liner and a whole lot of attitude. Gone are the Hailey Bieber slicked back buns, now it’s all about voluminous hair – as seen on Kylie Jenner at the recent Jean Paul Gaultier Paris show. And of course, you need to accessorise with an oversized faux fur coat if you’re somewhere cold or a heap of layered jewels if you’re in the middle of Summer.

This new makeup trend feels a little like we are incorporating a few eras of makeup trends - ‘80s, ‘90s, and Y2K – and we are here for it. 


Here are some key points to your mob wife makeup look.

  1. The Smoky Siren Eye

Smoky eyes take centre stage, circled by black, smudged-out kohl eyeliner. You can choose whichever shade you like. A silver smoky eye is an authentic commitment to the old school mob wives look. However, you can add a modern twist by creating the look with shades of brown. The key is under eye contouring, a black upper waterline and thicker than your average liquid liner.

Need a visual? Check out @isabellrrose on TikTok here.

  1. Overlined, dark lips

The makeup rule book has been thrown out the window with this trend. More is more so we are not only doing a smoky eye, but adding a dramatic lip. The key is using a brown lip liner to over draw your lips, and then use a lipstick or gloss with deep red tones. It’s borderline vampish.

If you really want your lips to pop – add a touch of contour below your bottom lip and on your cupid’s bow. 

  1. Carved out cheekbones

Finish the mob wives makeup look of 2024 with a strong cheekbone contour. Say goodbye to your cute pink blush and hello to bronzers and highlighters.

We love a sharp cheek bone, which is why we created the Alison Jade Contour Palette.  A versatile Contour Palette prepared with 6 neutral hue contouring powders, crafted to effortlessly sculpt and define your unique facial features.

The smooth formula ensures a seamless finish without any cakey appearance, creating soft and subtle shadows that give a natural, dimensional finish. 

Available online here.

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