Sometimes we all need a friendly reminder to put down the tweezers and leave our eyebrows to the professionals... Contemplating an at-home brow makeover? These celebrity before and afters will have you thinking twice!

Gwen Stefani

“Don’t tell me cause it hurts” is probably what No Doubt frontwoman Gwen Stefani would say if you mentioned the thin, highly angular brows she sported at the 2004 MTV Awards. More than ten years on, Gwen’s facial features look healthier and more in proportion thanks to her thicker, well coiffed brows.

Whatever you do going forwards Gwen, please don’t Hollaback to your millennial brows!

Nicole Richie

Oh Nicole… how much would you give to erase any record of your Simple Life-era beauty and fashion choices from the internet? We’re guessing you would sacrifice every cent you earned alongside your old mate Paris Hilton!

Seen here with barely-there brows that are somehow thinner than her haphazardly applied eyeliner, the Nicole Richie of the early 2000s is almost unrecognisable from the fashion icon we know (and love) today. Just as her fashion sense has improved, so too has the state of her brows.

Jennifer Garner

She rose to fame starring alongside Ashton Kutcher in Dude, Where’s My Car but the only thing we can think of when we see old photos of Jennifer Garner is “dude, where are your eyebrows?”

Flatter than a can of Diet Coke that’s been left open in the fridge, Jennifer’s former brow style lacked any form of shape or definition, dragging down her other facial features. Flash forward to 2017 and Jennifer has clearly seen the error of her ways, having embraced a thicker brow with a shapely arch.

Mila Kunis

From teenage dirtbag to Dolce & Gabbana goddess, Mila Kunis has overhauled her entire look since she was cast as Jackie Burkhart in That ‘70s Show.

Much like her fellow celebs, Mila has ditched here barely-there brows in favour of these shapely beauties that soften her overall appearance.

Picture source: BuzzFeed

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