The top 3 brow products you can’t leave home without

Second to booking a regular brow appointment at Alison Jade, should be these must-have brow products. These are the brow products you can’t leave home without. And if you’re forgetful (life can be busy!) buy two of each, one for your home and one for your handbag. You’ll thank us when you’re on your way to impromptu after work drinks!

Brow Product Must-Have #1 Brow Pomade

First up we have the Brow Pomade and Duo Brow Brush. The Alison Jade Brow Pomade can be used to create a perfectly sculpted brow. The creamy texture evenly fills in and defines the brows. It also adds dimension to your look with a matte, yet hydrated finish. The Alison Jade Brow Pomade comes in three colours – so you can choose the perfect shade for you. 

If you need the perfect tool to touch up your brows, we recommend purchasing the Duo Brow Brush as well. The short tip brush is angled to help apply feather-like strokes throughout the brow. The spoolie end will groom and blend the product seamlessly as you go, for a natural finish.

Shop the Alison Jade Brow Pomade online here.

Shop the Alison Jade Duo Brush online here.

Brow Pomade | Alison Jade Brows

Brow Product Must-Have #2 Brow Freeze

Next up we have our newest product, the Alison Jade Brow Freeze. This clear brow gel can be used to create the ultimate laminated brow look. Our unique formula will lock every hair in place without flaking, residue or looking stiff creating the perfect feathered brow. One swipe and you are left with full brows that last all day! 

Shop the Alison Jade Brow Freeze online here.

Brow Freeze | Alison Jade Brows

Brow Product Must-Have #3 Dual Brow Highlighter

Finally, we have the Alison Jade Dual Brow Highlighter. This must-have brow product has two ends to help accentuate your brows. The concealer end allows you to conceal regrowth and define the brow bone. Perfect if you are after a clean, defined brow look. The opposite end to the concealer is a subtle highlighter. Use this end under the outer arches of your brow for a “lifted” effect.

Shop the Alison Jade Dual Highlighter online here.

Brow Highlight | Alison Jade Brows


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