Did you know, your makeup can oxidise?

You may notice that when you apply foundation, it changes colour slightly as the day goes on. This is because many foundations, similar to other makeup products oxidise. The oxidisation process is a result of the interaction between the oils and pigments within the foundation that then react with the skin's natural oils, acidity and humidity in the air. 

All makeup has a shelf life...

All makeup has a shelf life and to make sure it lasts, it’s important to follow the packaging instructions. Storing in a cool, dry place is often a requirement to maintain the consistency of your products. It is also extremely important to make sure the lid of your product is shut tightly. 

Brow Freeze Turning White 

We have had some enquiries regarding our Brow Freeze turning white. This may be the result of the products prolonged exposure to air, slightly dehydrating the wax. But never fear! Your brow freeze can still be used.

Just make sure you slightly dampen your spoolie before applying the wax, to help it to loosen. 

To maintain optimal appearance and efficacy of our Brow Freeze, the cap must remain tightly closed at all times when not in use.

If you have any questions about your Alison Jade Brow Freeze please contact us here.

Check out the average product shelf-life expectancies below, and as always follow the packaging instructions.


Average life span: four to six months


Average life span: one year


Average life span: one year


Average life span: one year

Blush and eye shadow

Average life span: one to two years


Average life span: eight months

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