Spring Makeup Trends for 2021

Spring has sprung and it’s time to get outside, enjoy the sunshine and update yourself on the new Spring Makeup Trends for 2021.

Everyone loves Spring because the sunshine means Summer is on its way. It doesn’t hurt that your highlighter pops that little bit more against sun kissed skin and your makeup routine gets a tad bit more colourful. Here are some of our favourite makeup trends for Spring 2021.

Natural Glam

When we say, ‘natural glam’ think Rosie Huntington Whiteley. She is the queen of the subtle makeup yet no makeup look and it all starts with healthy skin.

Healthy skin starts from the inside out so it’s all about boosting your inner wellness. If you don’t already know about the Beauty Chef range then you should check them out here.

We highly recommend the Collagen Inner Beauty Boost to kick start your skin wellness journey.

The other key makeup tips to follow to achieve the “Natural Glam” look include brushed up brows, a touch of blush and a lip stain.

It’s all about pared back beauty, nothing should be obvious and everything should be blended.

Dusty Rose and Pink Eyeshadows

Don’t be scared to play with colour this Spring. While most of us want to reach for the subtle bronze eyeshadow palettes, step it up with some colour this spring. Dusty Rose and Pink shadows are huge this Spring 2021 and suit just about any eye colour. Tone down and blend the matte colours with a sweep of highlighter over the lid as @hungvanngo has done here.

A Peach Tone Lip

This Spring 2021 try a playful peachy toned lip. A slightly more orange lip colour is bolder than your classic pinks and reds, but that's what adds to the cool factor. You can play around with peach colours by opting for a subtle stain for a softer look or a bold colour for a statement look. Try the Alison Jade Matte Liquid Lips in Hello Peaches here.

Or if you’re after a creamier texture try the Alison Jade Cream Liquid Lips in Snatched here. 

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