How to choose the Perfect Red Lipstick

Looking for a bold red lip this Spring? It can be hard to pick the perfect red lipstick to suit your colour tone. A red lip is timelessly chic, but there is an art to nailing it. If you think a red lipstick doesn’t suit you, think again. A red lip will work with any skin tone, it’s just a matter of finding the right shade.

Read on to find out how to choose the Perfect Red Lipstick

Get to know your undertones

It’s important to understand your skin’s undertones so as not to choose a red that clashes with your skin colour. Skin undertones are the colours that emanate from beneath the surface of your complexion. Have a look in the mirror at the colour of your veins.

Warm undertones: If your veins appear green, you most likely have warm undertones.

Cool undertones: If your veins seem blue, you’ve probably got cool undertones. 

Neutral undertones: If your veins seem to fall somewhere between green and blue, you may be working with cool undertones.

If you have slightly warmer undertones, steer in the direction of lipsticks with a more orange-red appeal. If you have cooler or pink undertones opt for a blue-red lipstick.

Next up, get to know your formula

Are you looking for a dewy red or a more matte shade? Not such a pro with your lipstick application? Here’s a tip. Highly pigmented matte lipsticks and lip glosses tend to take a little more application precision for a clean result. Alternatively, satin lipsticks and lip tints are a little easier to apply.

How do I apply red lipstick?

Now you have your ultimate lip colour, it’s time for the grand finale. If you are doing a bold lip, always start with a lip liner. It helps to ensure your lipstick doesn’t bleed and it stays on longer. For longer lasting wear, apply your lip liner on the outer line of your lips, then blend into the centre before applying your lipstick.

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