How to fake a Brow Lamination with these products

From sleek and meticulously shaped to a full and fluffy brow lamination, eyebrows constantly evolve as a prominent facial feature.

If you're yearning for more even and fuller-looking brows, you may have looked into eyebrow lamination. We love this service because it can create the illusion of soft and voluminous brows.

However, if you’re not quite ready for brow lamination, you can try faking it with these top 2 Alison Jade Brow Products. We guarantee you’ll want to book an appointment to get the real deal in no time…

Fake a Brow Lamination with Alison Jade Brow Breeze

Shop the Alison Jade Brow Freeze

Introducing the Alison Jade Brow Freeze, your key to achieving the ultimate laminated brow appearance. Our distinctive formula ensures that every brow hair remains securely in position, all while avoiding any flakes, residue, or that dreaded stiff appearance. It’s literally Brow Lamination in a jar – well almost – because at the end of the day you can wash it off unlike the real deal.

Brow Freeze is ideal for a feathered brow effect. With just one effortless swipe, you'll enjoy full, long-lasting voluminous brows that stay put throughout the day!

Fake a Brow Lamination with Alison Jade Brow Fixx

Shop the Alison Jade Brow Fix

Having an eyebrow gel in your beauty treasure chest to groom your brows on the go is a must. The Alison Jade Brow Fix is the perfect clear brow gel. Our unique formula, enriched with Vitamin B5 extract, not only locks every brow hair securely in place but also nourishes and strengthens them.

Our clear brow gel dries instantly and won't disturb any product that is already on the brows, so it’s a handbag must-have.

Decided that Brow Lamination might just be the perfect service for you? Book an appointment at Alison Jade in Perth or Melbourne online here.

Your Brow Lamination appointment comes with a Brow Style and Tint, for the ultimate Brow Makeover.


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