Did Sofia Richie Just Bring Back Concealer on the Lips?

The year was 2006 and concealer lips were trending. Back then, a multitude of girls, simply referred to as 'girls', would purchase foundation from Woolworths to apply to their lips, attempting to match their lip colour with their skin tone or even go a few shades lighter.

Now IT GIRL Sofia Richie is unknowingly opening up pandora’s box and bringing back the concealer lip trend in her latest TikTok video.

Noughties Fashion Trends are here to stay…

With the resurgence of other noughties fashion trends, it should have been expected that this one would make a comeback. Nevertheless, those who lived through the initial concealer lips era could hardly have fathomed it becoming a fashion statement, let alone a widespread phenomenon. However, with the endorsement of one of Gen Z's influential beauty leaders, Sofia Richie Grainge, this revival trend appears to be gaining some traction. 

What exactly are concealer lips we hear half of Generation Z and Generation Alpha ask?

As the name suggests, concealer lips imply adding a layer of concealer over one's lips to achieve a hue that closely matches the rest of the skin. Yep it’s not for the faint hearted.

A final touch of lip gloss is then applied to impart a shiny finish, and there you have it – concealer lips.

You can view Sofia Richies TikTok video here…

Did Sofia Richie Just Bring Back Concealer on the Lips?

Sofia Richie Grainge has demonstrated how to achieve the Concealer Lip look. She used neutral-coloured lip balms that matched her skin tone and lightly dabbed her regular concealer for the finishing touch. Nicole Richie would be proud. As would Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian, prominent figures of this trend, often pairing it with black eyeliner, a generous application of bronzer, and, of course, a side fringe.

Thank goodness, Sofia Richie’s version of Concealer Lips is somewhat refined.

Here's how to achieve a more refined version of concealer lips in 2023 and beyond.

In Sofia Richie Grainge's TikTok tutorial, she recommends her current favourite lip combo: two YSL Beauty glossy lip balms and a light dab of concealer on top for that perfect ombre lip. Whether one starts with a peachy lip base like Sofia or experiments from scratch, the key is to have a sheer gloss in any shade.

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