Do you use a beauty blender?

Do you use a beauty blender? 

A beauty blender would have to be one of the most popular beauty tools on Tik Tok. Videos with the tag #beautyblender have been viewed over 389 million times! This magic sponge is the key to unlocking smooth, blended makeup this Spring. 

Have you used a beauty blender before? No? Read on to discover more about this life changing tool.

Beautyblenders help to create a “poreless finish” on the skin. Think airbrushed, streak free foundation. A Beautyblender is an egg-shaped makeup sponge made from latex-free foam. The special foam was created to avoid soaking up your makeup which means less product wastage! The egg like shape offers a larger surface area for the broader parts of your face, while the smaller pointy end can be used to blend your makeup into smaller spaces such as under the eyes.

How do you use a Beautyblender?

Beautyblenders were created to be used damp. Simply put it under the tap, allow it to expand and squeeze out the excess water. You can then dip it into your foundation or, if your foundation is already dotted on the skin, use light bouncing pats to blend it in.

Some people with slightly oilier skin find it better to use the Beautyblender on the drier side.

You can use your Beautyblender for more than just foundation!

Any makeup product with a cream base can be blended with a Beautyblender.

Once you have blended your Alison Jade Liquid Powder Mineral Foundation, use your damp Beautyblender to apply your Illuminating Lotion on your upper cheekbones. By blending the illuminating lotion with a sponge, you’ll be able to achieve an easy, streak free sun kissed highlight.

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