Strobing - the new contour

Last year was truly the year of contouring. Made popular by some of our favourite girl crushes such as Kim K and Beyonce, 2015 saw us watching endless YouTube tutorials to try and create perfectly defined cheekbones, brow bones and noses.

However, it's time to step back from the bronzer and start mastering the hottest makeup trend for 2016 - strobing!

Contouring focuses heavily on framing the face, using bronzer and dark matte powders to create the illusion of shadows and play up different facial features. It typically exaggerates the cheekbones and involves bronzing the temples and chin for a dramatic, angular look.

This technique can be tricky for beginners and can even look messy if done incorrectly or without the proper tools. Practice is key, which can be time consuming (and expensive!) for the busy woman.

Strobing, on the other hand, is all about the highlight. It is quick, easy and simply stunning. In 2016 we are already seeing a transition to a more natural, dewy and youthful overall makeup look. Including strobing into your makeup routine can leave you looking fresh-faced and glowing in minutes.

So how is it done? All you need is a good quality highlighter, such as the Alison Jade Illuminating Lotion in 'Paradise', to highlight areas where the sun would naturally hit your face. These areas are the apples of the cheeks (above your blush), centre of the forehead and bridge of the nose. This can be done over your normal foundation routine for added sparkle or simply on top of your Alison Jade SPF 25+ BB Cream for a radiant summer glow.

So, it's time to drop heavy-handed and complicated contouring and embrace your natural beauty by mastering the bright, simple and glowing look that only strobing can create. The versatile technique can be used to equally stunning effect with a barely there makeup look, or teamed with statement eyes or lips. For strobing inspiration, look no further than the ever gorgeous Gigi Hadid!

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