Our favourite Pirelli shots of all time...

This year Pirelli is celebrating 50 years with the release of previously unseen Helmut Newton images. 

It's a case of back to the future for the 2014 Pirelli Calendar -- the 50th anniversary edition -- with the Italian company raiding their vault for a set of unused photos originally shot for the 1986 edition by late legend Helmut Newton.

The Newton images were commissioned in 1986 by Pirelli's Italian HQ, but at the same time their London office (which at the time handled 'The Cal') commissioned Bert Stern for the job. There was reportedly a bit of conflict, which evaporated when Newton had to leave the project unfinished to meet other commitments. However his close assistants finished the pages to his directions, and they were stored in Pirelli's Italy archive -- waiting for their day.

That day has come, with the 2014 calendar year matching the 1986 one, and Newton's stunning -- and now wonderfully retro -- shots being published as the 50th anniversary Cal.


Words: Carguide.com.au, Images: google

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