Please see attached your Lip Blush Tattoo home care and details of the different stages your lips might go through during the healing phases.

Lip Blush tattooing is a two stage process and any corrections that need to be made will be done at your 4-6 week review

Please keep in mind we can’t tattoo any earlier than 4 weeks as the tattoo will still be healing during this time.



Please follow these instructions carefully for optimum results. 

DAY 1 

Gently pat your lips with damp cotton pads every 1-2 hours to remove any weeping fluid, apply Hustle butter directly after. 

DAYS 1-5 

  • Cleanse morning and night for the first 5-7 days and apply Hustle Butter after - Please avoid using fingers to apply Hustle butter. Use lip wands provided to avoid any bacteria entering the open would and causing potential infection 
  • DO NOT - Pick, scratch, or itch your lips. Let any dry or scabbing skin, naturally exfoliate off
  • No heavy water, excessive sweating, swimming, sauna/steam room, sun, make up, strong/medicated skincare on or around the area
  • Drink liquids through a straw 
  • Avoid hot, spicy, salty or citrusy food


DAY 1 

Your lips are vibrant in colour and may have some swelling 

DAY 2-3

Swelling has gone down however they will have darkened in colour. 

DAY 3-5

Peeling will start, causing them to feel quite dry and potentially itchy. They will look at lot lighter and a little patchy during this period

Day 6-28

The pigment may feel like it has disappeared 

DAY 28+

The pigment should be settled and colour should have an even appearance 


For optimum results, after the first 5-7 days, we have provided you with these general  guidelines. After this time, when you are exposed to the sun wear a hat and apply a good  sunscreen to your face and tattooed area. when swimming you can cover the tattooed area in vaseline.

If you are having any facial treatments such as chemical peels or laser let your  therapist know of your tattooed area, this includes products used at home that cause rapid  exfoliation such as Retinol, Retin-A, Renova, Alpha Hydroxy or Glycolic Acid. These guidelines are to prevent premature fading and colour change give you longer lasting results. 

Touch ups of your tattoo can be booked when necessary, as everyone holds the  pigment differently. Your results will generally last 18-24 months.  

New Tattoos include a review 4-6 weeks after the initial appointment. If you late cancel or miss your scheduled review, a charge of $150 will apply.  One review is included in the initial appointment.  

If you schedule your review longer than 8 weeks after your initial appointment, you may be subject to a full touch up fee.  Annual Touch ups do not include a review.