Cosmetic Tattoo Guidelines

To ensure the best results please follow the below pre-appointment guidelines before attending your cosmetic tattoo appointment.

4 weeks prior to your Appointment

  • If you are planning on having any facial peels/ laser / Botox or collagen injectable/filler this must be completed at least 4 weeks prior to your appointment

1-2 weeks prior to your Appointment

  • Discontinue all use of retinols and glycolic acid 
  • No sun exposure

2 days prior to your Appointment

  • No caffeine 
  • No Alcohol
  • Discontinue medications that thin the blood including fish oil, aspirin and ibuprofen (consult your healthcare provider)

1 day prior to your Appointment

  • Exfoliate the brow area 

Day of your Appointment

  • No exercise 
  • Restrict water consumption
  • Wear black or dark coloured clothing
  • For your comfort you may like to bring headphones to listen to music or an audio book as Feather Touch can have an off putting noise.