Please follow these instructions carefully for optimum results.

 The eyebrow and surrounding area should be kept clean for 7-10 days. A tube of aftercare cream, supplied to you, is to be used on the tattooed area ___ times per day. You may weep a clear fluid this evening, which is normal, wipe firmly clean with a cotton round and reapply a thin layer of your aftercare cream with a clean cotton tip. 

Over the next 7-10 days no water, soaps, cleansers, oils, moisturisers or make up is to be used on or around the brow.
No swimming, saunas, steam or sweating/exercise.
When showering please take extra care to ensure they are kept as dry as possible as this will help the pigment settle into the skin for longer lasting results.
Whilst your brow is healing the skin may shed. It is important not to pick/exfoliate the brow area. The full healing process can take up to 3-4 weeks to see final results. Please note it is completely normal  during the healing process for the colour and depth of your brow will change before settling.
After the first 10 days, please follow the general guidelines in order to maintain optimum results. These guidelines are to prevent premature fading, colour change including bleaching and give you longer lasting results of your eye brow tattoo procedure.
  • When you are exposed to the sun wear a hat, sunglasses and apply a good sunscreen to your face and tattooed area.
  • When swimming cover the tattooed area in Vaseline or barrier cream.
  • If you are having any facial treatments such as chemical peels or laser let your therapist know of your tattooed area
  • Avoid applying products to the brow area that cause rapid exfoliation such as retinol, retin a, renova, retinol, alpha hydroxy or glycolic acid.
Remember to schedule a review appointment within 4-8 weeks to avoid paying an additional fee. One review appointment is included in the initial fee. Any additional appointments will also incur a cost and will be advised at the time of booking.
Touch ups of your cosmetic tattoo should be booked yearly and prices start from $300. Eyebrow tattooing that has not been touched up in over 18 months will be classified as a new tattoo, and will need to be assessed before an appointment is secured.
You cannot donate blood for 6 months following any cosmetic tattoo procedure.