Alison Jade



The AJ Scoop:

Create a quick and easy brow look with our Brow Wax. Inspired by our Best Seller Brow Palette, this solo brow styler can be used to create fluffy, feathered, groomed, or sleek brows.

This formula features a blend of natural oils for a smooth application and a nourishing feel. 

Features and benefits:

Rich in nutrients to promote brow health 

Can be used dry or slightly damp

Brow Wax Application:

Suitable for use on all brows, this smooth balm creates a clear film over brows for lift and hold with no residue or crunchiness. Sparse patches are smoothed over and arches appear thicker, for defined brows faster than ever.

Key Ingredients:

Castor Seed Oil 

Jojoba Seed Oil 

Candelilla Wax

Free From:



Sulfate, Sodium, and MPG free 

No added colors or dye