Your Brow Essentials

Your eyebrows frame your face and depending on how you shape them, they can help your eyes to look wider and more awake. If you can’t make it to your regular Alison Jade Brow appointment, there are a few take home brow essentials you should consider! 

These brow products will help to keep your brows looking fresh. Check out our favourite brow essentials below.

Do you love a brow lamination? You should buy the Alison Jade Brow Freeze!

The Alison Jade Brow Freeze is perfect for those who can’t make it to their lamination appointment. Simply rub your spoolie into the wax and brush it through your brows. Style your brow hairs with the product (as you would a gel in your hair) before it sets. Your brow hairs will stay put all day!

Buy the Alison Jade Brow Freeze here.

Alison Jade Brow Freeze

If you love a Brow Lamination but prefer a gel, we’ve got you covered with the Brow Fixx!

The Alison Jade Brow Fix is our iconic brow gel that sets, tames, and hydrates your brows in one product. This clear gel sets your brows into place and doesn’t flake or dry out your brow hairs. Our Brow Gel contains Vitamin B5 extract to nourish and moisturise brow hairs. 

Buy the Alison Jade Brow Fix here.

Alison Jade Brow Fix

Do you love an Alison Jade Brow Dye or Brow Tint when you have your brow styled? You need to try the Alison Jade Tinted Brow Gel. 

Our tinted brow gel is available in 5 shades to designed to suit your brow colour. The pigmented formula is long lasting and sets the brows into place with a slight tint.

Buy the Alison Jade Tinted Brow Gel here.

Alison Jade Brow Gel

If you prefer a more structured brow, you need the Alison Jade Brow Pomade.

Our brow pomade is a creamy texture that evenly fills in and defines the brows. It adds dimension to your brows with a matte, yet hydrated finish. Lightly coat your Alison Jade Duo Brow Brush with the pomade and fill in your brows in the direction of your brow hairs.

Buy the Alison Jade Brow Pomade here.

Alison Jade Brow Pomade

If you’re unsure of which brow essentials are best for you, ask your Alison Jade brow stylist at your next appointment. They will be able to go through our best-selling brow products and suggest which are best for you!

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