Why you shouldn’t tan your face before your eyebrow appointment

The benefits of a brow style are endless. Tinting your brows can add fake fullness, frame and lift the face. However, tinting and tanning do not go hand in hand.

If there is any takeaway from this blog – don’t book your brows and your spray tan on the same day. 

It’s getting warmer (thank goodness), and with the Spring weather most of us are reaching for our fake tan. Everyone loves a glow up – especially when it’s a bronze up. 

Except your brow specialist.

Your fake tan takes at least 24 hours to develop!

There are a few key things to remember when applying or booking your spray tan. It takes approximately 24 hours for a tan to develop – even the express tans! Once you wash off the colour guide, your tan continues to develop.

With that in mind, don’t book your brow style and tan on the same day. If you tan is still in the development phase, the brow wax can remove the tan.

Your fake tan can also affect your brow tint!

The chemicals in spray tan sometimes stick to your brow hair, leaving a reddish tint. The chemicals in your tan can react with the brow tint, resulting in your tint to go green.

Avoid the use of fake tan around the brow area at least 2-3 days before your brow appointment.

If you’ve messed up your appointments and booked your spray tan before your brow style, there’s still hope. You can either ask your spray technician to avoid tanning your face or apply a barrier such as Vaseline over your brow hairs before being sprayed.

Please keep in mind that the Vaseline option is not a fail-safe, and we would prefer you to come without any tan on your face for the best brow results. 

Finally, are you using using a prescription skincare or retinol? It is very important to let your brow specialist know before they wax your brows as it can cause skin lifting and irritation. 

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