What is Vanilla Girl Makeup

Vanilla Girl Makeup is the latest buzz word doing the rounds of TikTok. If you can’t keep up, we don’t blame you. First it was Clean Girl Makeup, then it was That Girl Makeup and now it’s Vanilla Girl Makeup. Yep, it’s a lot.

Vanilla Girl Makeup is a style of makeup that emphasises natural beauty and minimalism.

Vanilla Girl Makeup

Think of it as “Clean Girl” makeup but more girly and sweeter (hence the “Vanilla” nickname). The key is to look effortlessly cool. The important thing to note with this trend is the term “vanilla” is not meant in an exclusionary sense, it is the definition by dictionary of having no special or extra features; ordinary or standard.

This makeup style typically involves soft, neutral colours that blend seamlessly with the skin, creating a fresh, radiant glow. You’re meant to look like sleeping beauty in the sense that you’ve had a great night’s sleep.

There are a few key features to the Vanilla Girl Makeup Look such as 
  • Toning down redness in the skin
  • Shaping the brows
  • Curling the lashes and creating that lift
  • Brightening the under eye
  • Adding a little warmth to the skin with bronzer and blush and
  • Hydrating the lips with a mask or gloss
What are the steps to achieving the Vanilla Girl TikTok Trend?

The first step in achieving the Vanilla Girl Makeup look is to start with a clean and moisturised face.

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It’s important to use a colour correcting primer such as Stilla One Step Correct to help even out the skin tone and reduce any redness. If you have dark under eyes, use a peach coloured concealer to help alleviate the darkness.

Once your base is prepped, apply a lightweight, sheer foundation or tinted moisturiser to further even out the skin tone without hiding any natural imperfections. The goal is to create a natural, dewy finish that looks like your skin, but better.

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The next step is to add a subtle blush to the cheeks. A soft peach or pink shade will work well to give the cheeks a natural flush. The key is to apply the blush sparingly and blend it in well, so it looks like a natural flush and not like you have a lot of makeup on.

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Finally, the lips should be kept simple with a sheer or natural-toned lipstick, balm, or gloss.

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