The best ways to prep for your eyebrow appointments

Do you know the best ways to prep for your eyebrow appointments? Depending on whether you have booked in a brow style with henna or tint, brow lamination or eyebrow tattoo, you will need to prep in different ways.

Check out our tips below for the best ways to prep for your eyebrow appointments below.

If you are booked in for an eyebrow wax, tint and/or lamination…

  1. It’s important to avoid any cosmetic treatments such as microdermabrasion, or injectables before your brow appointment at Alison Jade. This is because there is a slight risk that the swelling caused by waxing can impact your cosmetic treatment. Always wait at least 24 hours post cosmetic treatment before scheduling in your brow appointment.
  1. Please do not spray or fake tan before your eyebrow appointment. This is to avoid the wax stripping the tan off from around your brows! Always book your spray tan 24 hours after your appointment. 
  1. If possible, try to avoid any makeup on or around your brows when coming to your appointment. At Alison Jade, we do remove your brow makeup prior to waxing however, any makeup residue can still clog freshly opened pores.
  1. Are you using harsh skincare that make cause sensitivity? Please let your eyebrow specialist know prior to your appointment. You don’t want waxing to aggravate your sensitive skin further.
  1. Finally, Summer is coming. Try to avoid sunburn right before your eyebrow style.

Brow Lamination | Alison Jade Perth and Melbourne

If you are booked in for an eyebrow tattoo appointment…

1. Avoid using retinol and anti ageing skincare on and around your brows 2 weeks prior to your appointment. 

2. No caffeine or alcohol within 24 hours minimum. We recommend 48 hours or more. Caffeine and alcohol can effect your healed results.

3. Wash your hair the day of your appointment, this is to help avoid getting your freshly tattoo brows wet if you attempt to wash your hair post appointment.

4. Take care with sun exposure as your tattoo will not hold well if you have sunburn.

5. No wrinkle relaxers in the brow area 2 weeks prior to your appointment.

    Brow Tattoo | Alison Jade Perth and Melbourne

    Your eyebrow specialist will go through all of your pre and post treatment instructions during your brow tattoo initial consultation. There may be specific instructions not listed above due to the individual client’s needs, so please make sure you always refer to your personalised brow care guide.

    All the best with your eyebrow style or tattoo appointment! If you would like to book into Alison Jade Perth or Alison Jade Melbourne please click here.


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