Secret Santa Gift Ideas

We’ve got you sorted for Secret Santa this year! Here are some of our favourites.

Get ready for the ultimate lash lift fiesta! Elleeplex's advanced gel formula is like the VIP treatment for your lashes, keeping them on point every day. It is an advanced gel formula that hydrates and strengthens your lashes.

Shop the Elleplex Lash Formula online here.

Elleplex Lash Serum

Next up we have our best-selling Brow Freeze. There’s a reason why this is in everyone’s handbag, and it should be in your Christmas stocking! Brow Freeze is ideal for a laminated brow effect. With just one effortless swipe, you'll enjoy full, long-lasting voluminous brows that stay put throughout the day!

Shop the Brow Freeze online here.

Brow freeze

Everyone loves a highlighter and so will your Secret Santa! Starting with our Dual Brow Highlighter. It's a double-sided highlighting pencil with a matte concealer side and a shimmery highlighter side. The concealer end can be used to brighten the entire eye area, while the shimmer end adds an iridescent glow to your perfectly shaped arches. 

Shop the Dual Brow Highlighter online here.

Dual Brow Highlighter

Finally, we have the Illuminating Creme. This is the perfect universal stocking filler or secret Santa gift. Thanks to its firm but dewy consistency, it is easy to strategically place to make parts of your makeup base POP. They make for a great compliment to your contour.

Shop the Illuminating Creme online here.

illuminatibg creme 

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