Introducing our NEW hydrating Peach Me makeup packs

Our Peach Me Pack contains one Mini Hydrating Lip Glaze and one Mini Double Duty Lip and Cheek Cream.

There’s a reason 2024 will be the year of lip and cheek creams. Cream blush has the magical ability to meld seamlessly into your skin, enhancing its natural beauty and leaving behind a dewy, luminous glow. When it doubles as a sheer lip tint you have a win-win situation.

Entering the chat, our NEW Double Duty Lip and Cheek Cream. It’s formulated with hydrating ingredients for buildable, blendable colour. Monochromatic makeup has been a huge hit because it means less products, but a beautiful matching makeup look. Everyone loves a two in one product!

Simply scoop a small amount of product from the jar and warm it on the back of your hand. Then apply to the upper cheekbone with your fingertips. Build the colour as desired.

Then apply to the lips as you would your favourite lip balm.

Also in the pack is our NEW Hydrating Lip Glaze.

Lip Glazes are the product of 2024, so much so that people are carrying them on the back of their phone cases! A hydrating lip product is essential and adding a flattering sheer tint makes it the ultimate must-have in your handbag.

Our Hydrating lip Glaze glides onto your lips with a creamy feel and a sheer tint. Formulated with the most hydrating ingredients, you won’t be able to get enough.

Available online now or at both Alison Jade Studios in Perth and Melbourne.

Shop the Peach Me Packs online here.

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