How to Nail the Perfect Selfie!

Like it or loathe it, we’re living in the age of the selfie! Avoid a #SelfieFail and ensure you get lots of likes with your next selfie by following these pro tips by beauty vlogger Chloe Morello.

Boasting nearly one million Instagram followers and over two million Youtube subscribers, Chloe takes the art of the selfie seriously and knows what it takes to nail the modern day self portrait.

Tip 1:

Chloe’s top tip for selfies is all about lighting. The beauty expert recommends standing directly in front of a window so that you have natural light on your face and your eyes sparkle. Make sure to avoid unflattering downlights that can cast aging shadows.

Tip 2:

Don’t be afraid to experiment with your facial expressions and poses! You may feel silly trying to find the perfect pout or body posture but your selfie game will be so much stronger if you play around and try different looks.

 Tip 3:

Have fun with filters! Chloe suggests trying out different filters to keep things fresh and express exactly how you’re feeling.

Tip 4:

Makeup is key! Ensure your makeup is on point and show off your highlight by tilting your head until the light reflects off your luminous cheek bones. For extra sparkle we recommend our incandescent Illuminating Lotion.

Tip 5:

When it comes to your backdrop, keep it simple. Don’t let the focus of your selfie get overshadowed by an OTT backdrop! Opt for a neutral and plain background so that your beauty shines.


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