We’ve all been told that eyebrows are important for framing the face but just how important are they really...?

These celebrity brow makeovers prove once and for all that well coiffed eyebrows make the world of difference to your overall appearance!

Take Cara Delevingne - now famous for her bushy brows, but it appears a young Cara, like many tweens, used to over pluck her eyebrows. Once she embraced her natural assets she became the darling of the fashion industry.

Kylie Jenner is another high profile starlet who has benefited greatly from ditching her tweezers in favour of a fuller brow. While her brows were barely there in her tween years, the fashion forward style icon has now embraced a more natural brow shape which helps to balance out her other facial features.

She’s known for her big voice and now Adele has brows to match! From barely there brows that didn’t suit her face to the healthy and full brows we see today - Adele is living proof that brows are a powerful feature.

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 Picture source: Vogue.com

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