Visits from friends - Jessica and Louise

We've been very lucky to have two special visitors in the salon over the past week - gorgeous Jessica Marais and the divine Louise Pillidge!!

Jessica, who popped in for a brow appointment, has been a client at Alison Jade since 2013 and is such a sweetheart - I always look forward to working with her! Her beautiful mother Karen and sister Clara are also long-term Alison Jade clients. The Marais women are an incredible bunch, each inspiring in their own way.

Louise visited the salon to have her brows sculpted the Alison Jade way and tested our Lash Lift service while she was here. This hot new treatment darkens and curls your eyelashes, with results lasting about a month.

It's always a pleasure to work with such lovely clients - we hope to see you in the salon soon!

Alison xx

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