• Exfoliate the brow area the day before your appointment. Get your AJ Brow Scrub here. 
  • If you have not had a Henna  brow treatment before  you must have an allergy patch test  at least 48 hours prior to your appointment.
  • Do not use waterproof brow makeup for 2 days before your treatment.
  • Ensure your skin is free of any makeup, spray tan or moisturisers before your appointment.
  • Advise us if you have any allergies.
  • Please wear dark clothing to your appointment to avoid any henna coming in contact with your clothing. Whilst we do our absolute best to ensure this doesn’t happen, henna is a very fine powder.


  • Avoid wetting your brows for the next 24 hours.
  • Keep your brows free of any products or makeup for 24 hours to create the best skin stain.
  • When cleansing your face, wipe around your brows to get the longest lasting skin stain.
  • Do not use oil-based products over your brows.
  • Avoid using  exfoliants, topical acne medications, resurfacings serums or lightening products like alpha hydroxy acids, retinol, etc on or around the brow area as they will strip the brows of their colour.
  • When swimming apply a barrier cream such as vaseline or paw paw to your brows to stop chlorine or salt from prematurely lightening your brows.



Unfortunately we can not accommodate late arrivals, we will do our best to accomodate our clients, where possible or offer the next available appointment. If you are driving please allow more than adequate time for traffic and parking. Enjoy a sparkling water, tea or coffee whilst you wait.


We reserve your appointments especially for you, therefore, we request that you be courteous and call us promptly if you are unable to attend your appointment. To best utilise appointment times for all clients we need at least 24 hours’ notice for cancellations. Less than 24 hours’ notice will result in a charge of 50% of the service cost. "No Shows" will be charged 100% of the service cost. This also applies to drastic appointment changes on the service you are booked in for - so, if you are booked in for a long service and you change your mind or don’t require, you must let us know 24 hours prior to your appointment time.


Our salons are not suitable for babies and children for a number of reasons.

Safety is a major concern, not just in relation to the various chemicals and instruments that we use for treatments, but also the sharp edged cabinets, chains and glassware displayed around the salon, are just too hazardous for children. We also have stairs at the entrance of the Perth salon and both salons are located on busy roads which are dangerous for children who's parents are not able to watch them while they are having a treatment done. 

We are also conscious of ensuring that all of our clients enjoy a peaceful spa-type atmosphere at the salon.  For many, it is a rare opportunity to take a relaxing break away from their own little ones!

Given the delicate nature of some of our treatments, such as eyelash tinting and brow tattooing, it is crucial that our staff are able to concentrate without any distractions.  We certainly couldn’t expect children to sit still and keep quiet in such a boring environment for them – they get restless, which is completely understandable.

So as much as we love kids and understand that it can be very difficult to find someone to mind them, it is in everyone’s interest that they do not accompany parents to the salon.  We hope that you are able to make suitable arrangements for your little one, as we would love to see you at Alison Jade soon.