Alison Jade

Brow Soap


The AJ scoop:

A clear brow wax that is naturally sourced to give the appearance of added volume and thickness to the brows, while setting them in place all day long. The nourishing formula conditions the brows for a healthy and fuller look without any residue.

Key ingredients 

100% Organic Certified Oils 

Glycerine to attract moisture 

Coconut oil to hydrate 

Features and benefits 

Can be used to style a ‘fluffy’ or ‘polished’ brow 



No added colors or dye

Sulfate, Sodium, and MPG free 

Brow Soap Application 

  1. Begin by adding one Brow Dew Drop to the brow soap and lightly gliding the spoolie over the top.  This will help to loosen up the brow soap and make it easier to place on the brows
  2. Rub the spoolie on the soap to collect enough product for your brows 
  3. Brush through brows in an upward motion, working your way from the beginning of your brow through to the tail end. 
  4. Allow the soap to dry before applying any additional make-up products. 

Why do we love it?

“The Brow Soap kit is perfect for re-creating our iconic Brow Lift at home. I love that it's lightweight and keeps the hairs shaped to your liking. The waxworks great on its own or paired with your favorite brow products.” Abby – Senior Brow Stylist. Cottesloe Salon 

Weight: 16g